Letter written to the Feingold Association from a mom whose child was in the Mattes study:

My daughter, Christine, was one of the children in the study.

Points I remember:

  1. Took a long time to do the study, because each time Chrissy got a "toxic" cookie she not only got hyper, but also got severe ear infections and sick. Her school work regressed, as much as it can in kindergarten. After school she was in a dance class the school sponsored, and after her "after school snack cookie" got so bad they called me to pick her up early.

  2. I also remember getting a phone call after it was completed, telling me that 5 out of 6 of the children reacted to the "toxic" cookies and that Chrissy was definitely one of those children.

    The next day he published in Newsday that there was no significant proof. Even her teachers laughed.

  3. In the report he states some of the children did not eat all six cookies. That is correct! After 2 cookies, Chrissy was nuts; after 4 my family was ready to drive me off a ships plank for agreeing to this mess; also Chrissy was ready to kill me.

  4. As far as getting a cookie 1.5 hr before seeing him, only once did that ocur. I couldn't control her and drive the Long Island Expressway for 1.5 hours with her in a reaction.