About Me

shula-20161006_181945In the early 1980s, my son Zohar was miserable and unmanageable. The doctor prescribed Ritalin to “fix the imbalance in his brain.” We began with Ritalin and progressed through all the medications then available, including one now removed from the market because it causes liver failure. Unfortunately, none of them worked well for Zohar, who had side effects ranging from headache and insomnia to hallucinations and Tourette Syndrome.   After some years, his neurologist took him off all medications,  and two different psychiatrists told us to “not expect much” from him.  After the worst year of my life as a parent, I learned of Dr. Ben Feingold’s work on  food additives and behavior. With nothing to lose at that point, we tried the Feingold Diet — and it worked dramatically.  The boy who was not expected to succeed now has a degree in chemistry and a degree in engineering and is a fine young man who would make any parent proud. See his story as originally published on the Feingold website.

In the early 1990s, I became a volunteer for the Feingold Association and also went back to school, majoring in Bio-Psychology and graduating with high honors from Agnes Scott College.  Meanwhile, I created the Feingold Association’s internet presence via the website www.Feingold.org, email HelpLine, and free monthly  eNews.  I also began building a library of research on the relationship of diet to ADHD, autism, asthma, eczema, etc.

In March of 2011, along with a select panel of physicians and researchers, I was invited to Washington, DC, to testify before the FDA Hearing on Food Dyes.

In January, 2016, I retired from the Feingold Association.  I plan to use my years of collecting the research to develop this blog, TalkingAboutTheScience.com, which I hope will be of benefit to parents, students, doctors, and researchers.

Shula Edelkind