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Zou 2011: Tourette syndrome and excitatory substances: Is there a connection?

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Childs Nervous System. 2011 May;27(5): 793-802 This is one of the first studies to investigate the relationship between dietary components and Tourette syndrome (TS). Using the laboratory that tested the Olympic Games  contestants for illegal stimulant drugs, the researchers tested … Continue reading

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Husarova 2013: Monosodium glutamate toxic effects and their implications for human intake: A review

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JMED Research, Vol. 2013 (2013) This is a review of the studies about MSG and its influence on different systems in humans.  Effects of injected MSG into rats included neuron damage, and prefrontal cerebral cortex changes, but such tests cannot … Continue reading

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Lau 2006: Synergistic Interactions Between Commonly Used Food Additives in a Developmental Neurotoxicity Test

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Toxicological Sciences. 2006 Mar; 90(1):178-87. This is one of the few studies examining and comparing the neurotoxic activity of food additives alone and in combination.   After determining how much of each additive reduces neurite development by 20%, Lau combined pairs … Continue reading

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