Abril-Gil 2015: Development and Characterization of an Effective Food Allergy Model in Brown Norway Rats

Injecting Norway Rat with Pertussis VaccinePLoS ONE,  10(4): e0126314.

Food allergies in children have been increasing in recent decades, so there is a need to create an allergic animal model in order to study this problem.   This is normally accomplished by giving the rats a shot of pertussis (DTaP) or other adjuvant-containing vaccine.   In this study, the shot alone was compared to giving the shot followed by an  oral dose of egg protein.

Well, this is certainly nice for   researchers who need allergic rats, but it should also mean something to parents who have children who have received the same vaccines.  Are we supposed to be surprised that as our children have received an increasing number of vaccines over the past few decades, their allergies have also increased?

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