Abrishami 1977: Aspirin intolerance–a review


Annals of Allergy 1977 Jul;39(1):28-37

This is an early review of the combination of asthma, nasal pathology and intolerance to aspirin as a “unique syndrome”  with a tendency for diabetes as well as a prolongation of bleeding time.

Abrishami mentions the cross-reactivity of aspirin sensitivity with tartrazine (Yellow 5), and the fact that avoiding aspirin (alone) doesn’t prevent the progression of asthma and nasal polyps.  The mechanism was unknown at that time; nevertheless, we are assured that salicylates other than aspirin are well-tolerated.

NOTE:  Perhaps if the other salicylates (and food dyes) were not considered “well tolerated” but were actually avoided, too, as well as the aspirin, it would have made a difference?  Stage One of the Feingold Diet has been consistently reported to help such people – even those who had previously undergone unsuccessful surgeries. Considering how early a review this is — barely 10 years after asthma was considered a disorder caused by an overbearing domineering mother — one cannot complain.


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