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Evening with Dr. Feingold

Dr. Feingold was in the Washington area recently to participate in the Huxley Institute symposium.

Board members of FAWA thank the doctor for giving us an evening of his time, and Rod & Trish Federick for hosting the reception.

The main point Dr. Feingold stressed was that changes in the food supply will not be initiated by government or industry. Changes will come as a result of individual parents speaking out, writing letters, and refusing to purshase inferior products.

General Mills isn’t taking the color out of Cheerios because of any commitment to the well-being of our children.

Peter Paul didn’t change five of their candies because they believe synthetic colors and flavors are harmful.

There is a growing public concern about additives, with the 135 Feingold groups exerting a major influence.

Some of the other points Dr. Feingold discussed were:

  • Scientists will be debating this diet for many years. Individual chemistry is so varied, it’s virtually impossible to “prove” anything. If we wait until the scientists give their permission, we will be using the Feingold diet on our grandchildren, not our children.
  • Doctors rarely understand why a method of treatment works; they merely observe that it seems tohelp. (When they do it, it’s called practising the art of medicine; when we do it, it’s called other things!)
  • Synthetic additives atart damaging children before birth. An occasional infant is diagnosed hyperactive in the hospital nursery! Mention this to your ob/gyn next time you have a check-up.
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