Book: Waging War on the Autistic Child

“What is the loss of job, career, professional license, honors, colleagues, and country against that of a child’s voice? How do the very public denigration of one’s science and the epithet of “child killer” from Bill Gates weigh against the intractable pain of intestinal inflammation? For me the answer lies in the fact that, whereas the former are mostly artifact – contrivance – the latter are symptoms of a ruthless disease. The former are self-serving, vulnerable to political expedients and the vain whims of respectability. On the other hand, chronic pain that is denied a cry for help can drag a child into Hell and keep him there.”

WakefieldIn spite of massive efforts to discredit him ever since he reported the vaccine strain of measles residing in inflamed tissue in the gut wall of children with autism, Dr. Wakefield remains one of the true heroes of the modern world.   This book will educate you on many levels and merits careful reading.  You can buy it on Amazon by clicking on the picture of the book.  It is also available at Barnes & Noble, Target, Walmart, and other bookstores.

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