Ceserani 1978: Tartrazine and prostaglandin-system

Ceserani1978Prostaglandins and Medicine, 1978 Dec;1(6):499-505

The authors discuss the bronchoconstriction caused by tartrazine (Yellow 5) in people who are aspirin-sensitive, as well as its effect on the prostaglandin system of guinea pig lungs.  They found that the dye inhibits formation of both prostaglandins and thromboxane A2 at the cyclooxygenase level Рjust like aspirin andindomethacin do.

At right is a graph showing the improvement (2) of an aspirin-sensitive patient on a salicylate-free, dye-free diet, and the dramatic worsening (3) after two weeks with the addition of a very small amount of Yellow 5 per day.  Click on the graph to see detail.

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