Egger 1989: Oligoantigenic diet treatment of children with epilepsy and migraine

Copyright: argus456 / 123RF PhotoJournal of Pediatrics, 1989. Jan;114(1):51-8.

Egger put 45 children with epilepsy and recurrent headaches, abdominal symptoms, or hyperactivity on an oligoantigenic (few foods) diet.   36 of them — 80% — improved.

QUOTE:  “Headaches, abdominal pains, and hyperkinetic behavior ceased in all those whose seizures ceased, and in some of those whose seizures did not cease.”

Of the 24 children diagnosed with generalized epilepsy, 18 [75%] recovered or improved, as did 18 of 21 [85%] with partial epilepsy, and all those with petit mal. In double-blind, placebo-controlled provocation studies, symptoms recurred in 15 of 16 children; none recurred when placebo was given.  18 other children, with epilepsy alone, were treated with the same diet, but none improved.

NOTE:  This study echoes several other studies that made note that seizures (aka “fits”) — at least when they occur with other symptoms — improved on the Feingold or the oligoantigenic diets.

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