Egger 1992: Effect of diet treatment on enuresis in children with migraine or hyperkinetic behavior

Clinical Pediatrics (Phila) 1992 May;31(5):302-7.

bedgirl21 children with migraine and/or hyperkinetic behavior disorder also had daytime or nighttime enuresis (wetting).  Use of an oligoantigenic (few-foods) diet controlled their migraine and/or hyperkinesis, and for 76% of them the diet also stopped or improved their enuresis

QUOTE:  “Enuresis in food-induced migraine and/or behavior disorder seems to respond, in some patients, to avoidance of provoking foods.”

9 of the children participated in a double-blind placebo-controlled test of provoking foods, and 6 of them relapsed, while none relapsed on placebo.

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