Gray 2013: Salicylate elimination diets in children: Is food restriction supported by the evidence?


FAILSAFE = “Free of Additives, Low in Salicylates, Amines and Flavor Enhancers” … click on picture for information on using this diet.

The Medical Journal of Australia, 2013. Jun 17; 198(11): 600-2.

Gray was treating patients who had tried the low-salicylate diet (called the FAILSAFE diet) used in Australia, which is more restrictive than the Feingold diet, eliminating both more of the salicylates and more of the additives.

It appears that those patients he saw were the ones who had NOT done well on the diet since the families who had success weren’t looking for more help.

He reported adverse effects in almost half the children, including weight loss, failure to thrive, nutritional deficiencies, food aversion, eating disorders, and hair loss. His conclusions provoked some interesting responses from other researchers (see links below).

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