Lamport 2016: Concord Grape Juice, Cognitive Function, and Driving Performance: A 12-wk, Placebo-Controlled, Randomized Crossover Trial in Mothers of Preteen Children

Lamport, Lawton, Merat …  Dye.  American Journal of Clinical Nutrition. 103: 775-783.

The intent of this study, funded by Welch Foods, was to show that grape juice improves driving ability in stressed people (moms of teens). The authors concluded that the flavonoid-rich grape juice has cognitive benefits.

No baseline test of their driving after drinking plain water was performed.

Note: The “placebo” drink ingredients were not specified. I contacted the researchers and was told that it was supplied by Welch, wasn’t Kool-Aid, and looked/tasted like grape juice but ingredients were unknown. One can only assume it must have contained artificial coloring and flavoring.

Note: Having no baseline, and having a possibly “active” placebo containing artificial dyes and flavors means it is not really known if the grape juice made the moms drive better … or if the artificially-colored/flavored “placebo” made them drive worse.

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