Lau 2006: Synergistic Interactions Between Commonly Used Food Additives in a Developmental Neurotoxicity Test

LaubigToxicological Sciences. 2006 Mar; 90(1):178-87.

This is one of the few studies examining and comparing the neurotoxic activity of food additives alone and in combination.   After determining how much of each additive reduces neurite development by 20%, Lau combined pairs of them — half of each, so that one would expect the same result.  What was found, however, is that in combination such additives are far more toxic than each alone.   Unfortunately, we generally combine them in our food products.

QUOTE:  “Inhibition of neurite outgrowth was found at concentrations of additives theoretically achievable in plasma by ingestion of a typical snack and drink. . .”

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