Updated Science Library

I just wanted to let you all know that the Library has been updated to a PDF page you can download.  It is currently over 500 pages long and includes 3,544 studies at this time, so you may not want to print it, but you can search it by whatever subject interests you using the Control-F feature after you have downloaded it to your own computer or the Cloud or whatever you use.

Please do submit any research studies you may happen to have that you believe should be on this list, and please include your comments, too.   Send them to shulaatlanta@gmail.com

Together, we can build a really useful resource.   To get to the Library, hold your cursor over “The Science Library” in the black strip near the top of the page.  There you have a choice of  looking at the  makeup of the old Nutrition Foundation  or “My Text Collection.”   That’s the one.    Or go to this link:  https://www.talkingaboutthescience.com/library/

Thanks, everybody,



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