Millichap 2012: The diet factor in attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder


J. Gordon Millichap, MD – clicking the picture above will bring you to his books on Amazon

Pediatrics, 2012 Feb;129(2): 330-7.

Millichap says his article is a comprehensive overview of the role of diet for treatment of children with ADHD “when pharmacotherapy has proven unsatisfactory or unacceptable.”  He promises to talk about new research. Unfortunately, he falls short of his promise.  He quotes almost exclusively the old studies from the 1970s, many of them designed and funded by the food additive industry itself.  Indeed, he left out almost all studies done over the past 25 years, actually claiming that there aren’t any.

QUOTE:  ‘Oligoantigenic, elimination, and additive-free diets are complicated, disruptive to the household, and often impractical, except for selected patients.”  (page 6)

NOTE:  That’s a strong criticism, yet he names not one single study to support it.  That may be simply because there don’t seem to be any such studies to quote.  It’s his own opinion (has he ever cooked even a simple meal himself?  How disruptive is it to make … say … hamburgers?)

MedLine || Full Text || My criticism of the paper

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