Mossin 2016: Inverse associations between cord vitamin D and attention deficit hyperactivity disorder symptoms: A child cohort study

mossin2016-41177132_sThe Australian and New Zealand Journal of Psychiatry. 2016 Sep 30.   doi: 10.1177/0004867416670013

The researchers analyzed the records of 1,233 infants, whose parents filled out an ADHD questionnaire when the child was a little less than 3 years old.

They found that those children born to mothers who had higher levels of vitamin D, and who thus had more vitamin D in their cord blood at birth, had fewer ADHD-related problems at age 2.7 years.

Besides vitamin D, a higher score for ADHD symptoms was also significantly associated with younger age of the mother, first pregnancy, a BMI too low (less than 18.5) or too high (more than 30), smoking and drinking alcohol during the pregnancy, and a lower educational level.

QUOTE:  “Based on our results, we suggest that women use vitamin D supplementation during pregnancy, as it seems likely that it may reduce the risk of developing ADHD symptoms in toddlers.”

NOTE:  It probably wouldn’t hurt the moms to get some sunshine every day as well if possible.

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