Niederhofer 2006: A preliminary investigation of ADHD symptoms in persons with celiac disease

Gluten Free & All Natural

Gluten Free & All Natural

Journal of Attention Disorders, 2006. Nov;10(2):200-4.

Because several studies had reported a possible association of celiac disease (CD) and ADHD symptoms, the authors evaluated 132 participants diagnosed with CD – both children and adults – for ADHD symptoms before they began a gluten-free diet.  When evaluated again 6  months later, most of the ADHD symptoms had improved.

AUTHORS’ CONCLUSION:  “The data indicate that ADHD-like symptomatology is markedly overrepresented among untreated CD patients and that a gluten-free diet may improve symptoms significantly within a short period of time. The results of this study also suggest that CD should be included in the list of diseases associated with ADHD-like symptomatology.”

NOTE:   A gluten-free diet would eliminate many processed foods, thereby automatically reducing the ingestion of additives.

NOTE:  Some Feingold members find that they do better when they eliminate gluten and/or casein in addition to the Feingold diet – even if they have no symptoms of CD.

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