Salamy 1982: Physiological changes in hyperactive children following the ingestion of food additives

stethoscopeInternational Journal of Neuroscience, 1982. May;16(3-4):241-246

QUOTE:  “… The physiological measures [EEG and heart rate] were obtained prior to and following the ingestion of drinks containing food additives or placebos, which were administered in a double-blind, randomized, crossover procedure. … the magnitude of physiological changes in the hyperactive children were greater in response to ingestion of the additives than to placebo. These physiological findings are consistent with behavioural data indicating that some hyperactive children are adversely affected by food additives.”     (emphasis added)

NOTE:  Many years ago, I met one of this study’s investigators, Dr. Braud.  She told me she wished their published study had been more clear on the fact that ALL the children reacted to the additives.  Those children with hyperactivity reacted more strongly than the others, as reported, but reactions were actually documented for all the children.

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