Silent Epidemic; The Untold Story of Vaccines

45686030 syringeThis Gary Null Production is a long film – almost 2 hours – so get comfortable before you start.   Although some parents are quoted in this film, most of the participants are medical doctors and researchers.

ADDED Oct. 1, 2023:  Forget about “getting comfortable.”  This film was removed from YouTube for the usual “violates our terms of service” … yup. The film doesn’t agree that all vaccines are save and effective and tells you why.  It’s called free speech, but who reads the Constitution anymore?  Never mind.  You can watch it HERE on RUMBLE:


Please share this film with your friends who are pregnant or who have small children – there are few other resources from which they will get scientific and dependable information to help them make choices about vaccines for their children, including the definition and explanation of what is meant by “vaccine safety and efficacy.”

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