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VictoriaBarriosIf you, or your child, have a tic disorder or Tourette’s Syndrome, you may feel like the disorder controls your life.   But there is hope — you can manage a tic disorder, naturally, so that you feel in control.

Don’t miss the Thriving with a Tic Disorder Summit!  It’s a free online video interview series designed to help you better understand tic disorders, manage them naturally AND navigate any social situation with confidence.

Attend this online event with power-packed
conversations for FREE using this link:

You’ll hear from people living with a tic disorder, doctors who are uncovering potential causes of tic disorders, coaches and experts who can help you live with confidence, in addition to other specialists who are finding ways to completely manage and perhaps, even heal tic disorders.

The series goes live on Wednesday, January 16th,
so sign up now to make sure you don’t miss out!


Sheila-Rogers-Demare  Hayley-Gripp  Dr-William-Walsh  Shula-Edelkind

Jane-Hersey  Dr-Robert-Melillo  Billie-Smith  Sam-Farmer

Ramona-Jennex  Tamara-Lechner  Kathy-Giordano  Dr-Alice-Lee

Anke-Zimmermann  Dr-Amy-Johnson  Janet-Rumsey  Dr-Paul-Sandor

Dr-Victoria-Dunclkey  Mark-Blaxill  Elisabeth-VanEvery  Ricki-Light


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  1. Tracy Long says:

    Is there another seminar on Tourette’s in 2022. I live in Atlanta Georgia and we are having a hard time finding someone with any knowledge on Tourette’s. Thank you

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