Let’s get educated on vaccines

(Updated February 14, 2023)
If you have concerns about what is going on in the world of vaccines, you are not alone. I have long been collecting the research on all sides of this issue, and have begun organizing the studies in a chart which I hope will make it easier for all of us to choose the safest vaccines for our families, as well as to give us the scientific backup to make informed decisions.

This project is a work in progress and will grow almost daily, so please check back often to see what I have added. Also, let me know if it is useful for you, if you have any ideas for improvement or suggested studies to add.

  2. Do vaccines save lives?
  3. Influenza vaccines (and treatment)
  4. Vaccines in Pregnancy
  5. Vaccines, Autism & ADHD (includes studies claiming & denying a connection)
  6. HPV Vaccine
  7. Vaccines and Things You Never Thought of
  8. Problems With Vaccine Safety Testing
  9. Vaccines & Respiratory Viruses
  10. What about Colostrum?

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6 Responses to Let’s get educated on vaccines

  1. Bruce Ewing says:

    If you would be so kind, please add a point #9, regarding vaccines vs. respiratory viruses. I would very much like to see an explanation of why there is no vaccine for any version of the common cold. And a comment on whether the virus that causes COVID-19 is a respiratory virus or not.

    • Shula says:

      Thank you, Bruce. I am a bit puzzled, however. What would be included in the section “vaccines vs. respiratory viruses” ? If you could give me a couple of examples or ideas you have in mind that might get me started.

      • Shula says:

        Oops — in my dashboard, only half your comment showed up and I see you have actually answered my question in the part I didn’t see. It’s a good idea. Thanks.

  2. Shula says:

    While I agree with Johnathan, I can’t seem to work with Google Docs. On the other hand, it will also always be up to date right here, as this is where I am updating it. I am currently subdividing the main list to address more specific questions.

  3. Johnathan Stein says:

    Upload to your Google Docs and maintain it there — it will always be up-to-date for everyone.

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