Williams 1978: Relative effects of drugs and diet on hyperactive behaviors: an experimental study

chocolate cookie Pediatrics. 1978 Jun;61(6):811-7.

26 hyperactive children were given a “modified” Feingold diet in which artificial food dyes and flavorings were eliminated, but not preservatives or salicylates.    They were then challenged in four ways:

  1. Cookie with 13 mg food dyes + pill with Ritalin
  2. Cookie with 13 mg food dye + pill without Ritalin
  3. Cookie without food dye + pill with Ritalin
  4. Cookie without food dye + pill without Ritalin

The #2 condition was worst, and the #3 condition was best.  Seven kids – 27% – were no longer hyperactive.

QUOTE:   “There is evidence, particularly in teacher ratings, in support of Feingold’s hypothesis if it is modified.”

NOTE:  “IF it is modified” ??  Perhaps they should have said “EVEN IF it is modified.”

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