Zou 2011: Tourette syndrome and excitatory substances: Is there a connection?

Child’s Nervous System, 27: 793-802.

Using the same testing the International Olympic Committee uses for detecting prohibited excitatory substances, the authors attempted to find out if eating certain foods may create an excess of excitatory substances in the urine of some people with Tourette’s Syndrome. 

Although in the experimental group of 44 cases, only 3 were positive, these were children who had eaten quite a bit of junk food, including large amounts of soda and instant noodles.

NOTE:  It’s not the noodles that are likely to be a problem, but the MSG in the flavor packets that accompany this sort of noodle-based meal.

QUOTE:  “Based on the possible mechanism for hormonal and excitatory neurotransmitter influences in TS, as well as the 10-fold occurrences of TS in boys, this study aimed to assess the effects of excitatory substances on TS children by testing their urine through the stimulant test laboratory used for the 2008 Beijing Olympics.”

Conclusion:  “An increase in ephedrine type, testosterone, and stimulants may be related to the pathogenesis of TS.”

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