Bennett 1998 The Shipley Project: Treating Food Allergy to Prevent Criminal Behaviour in Community Settings

Bennett1998Journal of Nutritional & Environmental Medicine , Vol.8, No.1, Mar.1998, pp.77-83

All 9 children with disruptive and/or criminal behavior in this study were found to have a number of food allergies or intolerances and mineral imbalances, particularly zinc. Three also had elevated cadmium.

All of them improved physically and psychologically on a diet avoiding their problem foods.  Even after two years, five of the nine had never been back in trouble – and those who had, did so with less frequency and less violence.

QUOTE:  “Criminal justice, education and health agencies could incorporate and develop this approach in furtherance of their statutory objectives.”

NOTE:  See also the Schoenthaler prison studies.

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