For those who may be wondering about the lack of newly posted studies on here over the past few wstudies-huntingeeks, I just want to let you know I did not drop out of sight …. exactly.  I have found a wonderful free resource for full texts of studies, which may not be available forever since it is opposed by many of the journals who prefer to charge for access to their studies.

Not only does this site make millions of studies available without a fee, but it also has loads of studies that could not be found previously even in medical libraries – either because they were old and locked into archives or were just not available in my neck of the woods.  Thus, I have been spending the past several weeks feverishly acquiring as many as I am able, going through book after book of studies which I had collected over the years only on paper, and those of which I had only the abstracts.  I have arrived at the staggering number of 5,321 electronic texts now, and my 30-year collection of notebooks full of studies/abstracts which originally took up an entire wall of my office has dwindled to a single shelf of notebooks still full of articles and whatnot to be one day either scanned or (no – never – not me) possibly thrown away.

My next project is to bring to life a resource which a colleague and past president of the Feingold Association has been working on for about a generation, in collaboration with  university researchers.   When completed, you will be able to know, for example, whether a particular food contains salicylates, sulfites, or any of several other  families of chemicals.

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