Bosch 2020: A two arm randomized controlled trial comparing the short and long term effects of an elimination diet and a healthy diet in children with ADHD (TRACE study). Rationale, study design and methods.

Study Protocol. BioMed Central Ltd. Psychiatry. 20: 262

This study has not yet happened.  It is intended to compare two dietary treatments (an elimination diet and a “healthy” diet) and  “Care As Usual” (medication).  It is being done in the Netherlands, where there is no Feingold Association or Foodlist. 

Many of the children in the study are expected to have previously been on medication for ADHD, which will be discontinued only one week before the diet is begun.  

I will be writing to the main author, Dr. Annick Bosch, to let them know about the Feingold Association’s overseas handbooks that may be helpful, as well as what may be expected in a child removed from medication only a week and on a new diet.  I hope some of you will take the opportunity to share your experiences from your own family.  Together with your  help, perhaps this study protocol can become a real power for good!!

You will find the author’s email address near the bottom of the first page of the study.

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