Dalal 2010: Involvement of High Plasma Corticosterone Status and Activation of Brain Regional Serotonin Metabolism in Long-Term Erythrosine-Induced Rearing Motor Hyper Activity in Young Adult Male Rats.

Toxicology Mechanisms & Methods. 20(6):287- 297.  Dalal, Poddar.

This study investigated a long-term trial of Erythrosine (Red 3) in rats.

  1. 10 – 100 mg/kg/day of Red 3 increased plasma corticosterone levels after several days of administration, similar to pargyline, an MAO inhibitor.
  2. Serotonin was increased, but MAO-A activity decreased.
  3. The higher doses of Red 3 also produced hyperactivity in a dose-dependent manner.

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