Fauci 2023: Rethinking next-generation vaccines for coronaviruses, influenzaviruses, and other respiratory viruses

Cell Host & Microbe, 31, January 11, 2023, pg. 146-157

In spite of the fact that Dr. Fauci has retired as spokesman for the nation about Covid and other diseases, his position listed in this paper is “Office of the Director, National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, at the NIH,” as it has been for most of the past half century.  Nevertheless, the paper claims no conflict of interest.

Well, possibly because he is now less in the public eye, Fauci seems to feel free to express the need to be “rethinking, from the ground up, all of our past assumptions and approaches to preventing important respiratory viral diseases …”

NOTE:  His “rethinking” is pretty clear from the graph above, in which Covid, Flu, and RSV are a very clear NO as for whether the vaccine gives any long-term immunity.   He does not address in this paper the issue of whether there is actually any “short term” immunity, nor whether the possible side effects are worth it.

Among other interesting facts he is belatedly expressing, is that while respiratory vaccines (that would be flu or Covid) are “suboptimal” for the elderly, making such vaccines stronger is likely to increase the risk of vaccine reactions among the elderly.  He calls the elderly the “litmus test risk group” for vaccine development since they are least likely to respond to vaccination.

Makes me think maybe it’s time we old people start looking at other ways to improve our general health and immune systems (vitamin C, anybody?) and stop depending on vaccines.

Considering that Dr. Fauci has been so very instrumental in force-feeding us the need for universal vaccination with his prior efforts, you may want to keep a sharp eye on his “new approaches.”

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