Feitosa 2017: Estimate of the theoretical maximum daily intake of Sunset Yellow FCF by the Brazilian population

Yellow6Food Additives & Contaminants Part A. 2017 Feb 20:1-8

This study was  able to estimate daily intake of foods containing Sunset Yellow (Yellow 6) using the 2008-2009 data collections of food purchases by the Brazilian Institute of Geography and Statistics.  In this survey of 55,970 households, individual consumption of food was determined for people age 10 and up.  The authors believe that younger children are likely to have even higher intake for their body weights, but that information was not available in the survey.

The authors used several methods of determining consumption.  According to the FAO/WHO approach to food dyes, or the average intake per capita of foods containing Yellow 6, the average consumption would not exceed the ADI (Acceptable Daily Intake).  However, when using prevalence of food consumption with the current eating habits of parts of the Brazilian population, both adolescents and adults in Brazil are consuming Yellow 6 in excess of the ADI, while seniors are getting 88% of the ADI.

QUOTE (in Conclusions):  “Foods that contribute the most to the excess consumption of SY (Sunset Yellow) are powder juices, soft drinks and chocolate.”

QUOTE:  “Considering the prevalence of food consumption per capita, one segment of the population of adolescents could be consuming up to 173% of the ADI…”

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