Harvard Studies on VAERS

Lately, I  have been asked to “prove” that the VAERS system for tracking vaccine injuries reports only a small percentage (less than 1%) of those injuries.  I have also been asked to discuss whether such injuries are verified, and how. 

I am not the expert, but these guys at Harvard Medical School and the associated Harvard Pilgrim Health Care Institute* are.  Take a look at their papers for the information you need for this discussion.

* Harvard Medical School has the only department in the United States based in a health plan.

  • Harvard2007 — Using Electronic Medical Records to Enhance Detection
    and Reporting of Vaccine Adverse Events
  • Harvard2009 — Electronic Support for Public Health–Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (ESP:VAERS)
  • Harvard2015 — Advanced Clinical Decision Support for Vaccine Adverse Event Detection and Reporting

When the first polio vaccine was introduced, it was using a killed virus.  Some of the laboratories had difficulty thoroughly killing the virus, and Cutter Labs was apparently careless about it.  In what became known as the Cutter Incident, in 1955, the vaccine caused 40,000 cases of polio, leaving 200 children with varying degrees of paralysis and killing 10.   

Nobody said, “well, ten deaths out of 40,000 vaccinations is no big deal.  Is is only 0.025% after all.”   No.  The vaccine was pulled off the market and replaced by the Sabin (live) vaccine.

Below is a graph of reports to VAERS beginning in 1990 through the middle of 2021.  There appears to be well over 12,000 deaths so far reported from the Covid vaccine — more than for any vaccine in  history.  And that is without any adjustments for possible under-reporting.  But if you complain, you will hear that this is only a few.  After all, 13,000 deaths in 169 million vaccinated people is only 0.007% right?   And it’s true that about 1.5% to 2.5% of people who get sick will die (especially since early treatments that have shown promise are still largely withheld).   

Do not feel helpless here.  It is because we – the people – noticed when sick people were put into nursing homes, letting the disease run rampant, that this practice was stopped.  So you think about it, and decide how many people you wouldn’t mind murdering to save the 1.5% who might die …. especially as it is now known the vaccine isn’t preventing either cases or  deaths as much as promised, anyhow.

For the record, I am not anti-vaccine.  I am pro-information, pro-education, and anti-killing people “for the greater good.”

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  1. Tera says:

    “anti-killing people for the greater good”. Love it!

    If anyone is interested, there is a brilliant and easy to understand expert on
    VAERS information, Dr. Jessica Rose.

    She’s on Twitter and her Substack, Unacceptable Jessica is unmatched!

  2. Nikita says:

    We are the Vaccine Information Network. http://www.covid19exposed.net
    We are also the first to publish completely factual and verifiable data from documents, databases and reports of the CDC, FDA, HRSA, Johns Hopkins and vaccine companies which exposes the pandemic, the virus and the unsafe, ineffective and unnecessary vaccines. Yes hard evidence. We began this endeavor in March of 2020 nationwide. We welcome all interaction and discussion. Contact us via email from our website.


  3. Greg says:

    “Alien abductions” are actually reported in that database as complications arising from the vaccine. Just how reliable is that information?

    • Shula says:

      Hi Greg,
      I have heard that before, and I actually did a search to try and find this report or anything similar but did not succeed. Can you verify this claim of such a report? Can you show me? Or did somebody just say it to you and you are assuming they are right and the 798,634 people (as of this week) claiming serious harm are wrong?

      Okay, so take one off for the alien abduction. And then multiply the remaining 798,633 by 100 because Harvard Pilgrim showed the reported numbers to be less than 1% of real injuries …. you’ll still get close to 80 million people iinjured by this vaccine — more than all the other vaccines put together in the history of vaccine injury records.

    • Harold Cummings says:

      It’s a federal crime to file a false adverse event in the VAERS database. The reports are also followed up on by a government agency to check validity. This is perhaps why the “alien abduction” claim can no longer be found in the database. Since Physicians are not allowed to claim ANY death is vaccine related (not even an option on the CDC provided death certificate), this database is the most accurate one available to the public.

      • Carol says:

        Hi Harold… I think I agree with you… but did you mean to say in your last sentence… “this database is the most ‘in’accurate one available to the public.”

        Yes doctors are are threatened by removal of their medical license if patients are found not to have died from the vaccines. Also the forms to fill out take about 1 1/2 hours to fill out. They are discouraged at every turn… thus I believe it is true… that only 1% of deaths are reported to VAERS.

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