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If the above video is removed, please inform me.  Meanwhile, you can also read the transcript here:  Why I Am Deleting All Content After 48 Hours

You may or may  not like reading articles by Dr. Joseph Mercola, and that is your choice.  However, censoring him is another thing altogether.  Is he dangerous?  Is he a threat to your health or safety?  What is going on in America where we have celebrated our right to free speech for two centuries?

For years, I saw the occasional Mercola article and just assumed he was selling vitamins.  I never paid him any mind  This year I read an article or two and realized every single thing he says is not only supported by the science … it is HEAVILY EMBEDDED in the science.  While he kindly has a “short summary” at the start of every article, he goes into detail and discusses the scientific research behind everything he says … in fact, not only is everything he says supported by the science, but it is actually embedded in it.  I must say this surprised me at first … and sometimes the article get so long and deep into the various study details I almost yell “Stop — I’m not in school any more!!”   One thing is for sure — he is NOT what his detractors claim.  Take a look and make up your own mind.  Don’t let your government do it for you.

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      Hi Joyce,
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