Karimi 2023: Post-Weaning Exposure to Sunset Yellow FCF Induces Changes in Testicular Tight and Gap Junctions in Rats: Protective Effects of Coenzyme Q10

Reproductive Sciences. 2023 Apr 18.
doi: 10.1007/s43032-023-01240-w. Online ahead of print. Karimi, Khodabandeh, Nazari, Dara, Masjedi, Momeni-Moghaddam

This study investigates the toxic effects of the food dye Yellow #6 (Sunset Yellow) on rat testicles, and the protective effects of CoQ10.

Sixty male rats were randomly divided into six groups of ten.   All groups were given their treatments by mouth (gavage) for 6 weeks.  The treatments were the following:

  1. Low dose of dye (2.5 mg/kg/day)
  2. High dose of dye (70 mg/kg/day)
  3. CoQ10 (10 mg/kg/day)
  4. CoQ10 with low dose of dye
  5. CoQ10 with high dose of dye
  6. Distilled water (the control group)

At the end of the experiment, the rats were anesthetized, and their testes were removed and examined.

QUOTE:  “The results showed that exposure to a high dose of sunset yellow led to disturbances in cell-to-cell interactions and testicular function. Simultaneous treatment with CoQ10 had some beneficial effects but did not completely improve these undesirable effects.”

NOTE:  The full text will be added below when it is acquired.


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