Will your doctor be allowed to help you?

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By Jane Hersey, author of Why Can’t My Child Behave?

Dr. Ben F. Feingold’s dietary protocol for treating the growing number of children with behavior problems was simple, safe, and affordable. Although he received harsh criticism from members of the food, chemical and pharmaceutical industries, there was never any question that he had the right of all physicians – to use his skill in finding the most effective way to help his patients. No hospital or federal agency dictated how he could treat them.

But this doctor/patient bond is being threatened in Norfolk, Virginia.

Like Dr. Feingold, Dr. Paul Marik has pioneered simple, effective solutions to illnesses that have baffled other physicians. He discovered that sepsis, an often-deadly infection, can be reversed by an inexpensive protocol that uses intravenous vitamin C. More recently, he has spearheaded the work that has seen dramatic success, utilizing inexpensive medicines and supplements to treat patients with Covid.

But the Sentara Hospital system has now banned Dr. Marik from using both of these lifesaving protocols and demands that the only thing he can use for Covid is remdesivir, a drug he finds is ineffective, but which costs over $3.000 for a course of treatment!

Dr. Marik is a world-recognized expert on the treatment of critical care patients. He has
published more than 500 articles in peer-reviewed medical journals and has never been the object of a lawsuit during his 35 years in practice.

Now, he is being forced to stand by while patients die because he is not allowed to prescribe the appropriate treatment.

Backed by doctors around the United States and abroad, Dr. Marik has filed a lawsuit against Sentara. The document includes many examples of state and federal laws that protect physicians and patients from this type of arbitrary act. To learn more about the lawsuit and Dr. Marik’s work, and about the ways the public can protect themselves, visit FLCCC.net

Dr. Marik writes, “This case is about doctors having the ability to honor their Hippocratic Oath, to follow evidence-based medicine, and to treat our patients the best we know how. Corporations and faceless bureaucrats should not be allowed to interfere with doctor-patient decisions, especially when it can result in harm.”

Note:  The issue is not about vaccines, as some critics have tried to portray it.  (Dr. Marik has been vaccinated.)  It’s about a doctor’s freedom to treat his patients.  If Dr. Feingold were practicing today, would he be prevented from using his diet?


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