Are poor injection techniques causing blood clots and myocarditis?

In this video, Dr. Keith Moran talks about how the COVID vaccine is being administered. Could the lack of aspiration prior to injection account for the side effects that we are seeing?  He presents 2 studies as well as some solid common sense that suggest that this is possible, and he suggests the best way to make sure you get your Covid vaccine safely.

Who is Dr. Moran?

He is a consultant in Internal Medicine with special medical interests in gastroenterology, cardiology, and echocardiography.  He is a full-time practising physician in these areas, and is the medical director of a cardiology laboratory established in 2001.

In the video below, he refers to several studies including a study by Thomas et al (2015) called Blood Aspiration During IM Injection and a study on mice by Li et al (2021) in which  intravenously injected Covid vaccine caused myopericarditis as well as liver damage.

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