Schumann 2020: Immune-modulating drug MP1032 (Remdesivir) with SARS-CoV-2 antiviral activity in vitro: A potential multi-target approach for prevention and early intervention treatment of COVID-19

International Journal of Molecular Sciences. 21(22):8803.

This is a complex study of Remdesivir’s activity against the cytokine storm sometimes seen in cases of Covid-19.

MP1032 (Remdesivir) is a reactive-oxygen scavenger (ROS) and was originally being developed to treat psoriasis, rheumatoid arthritis, and other age-related degenerative diseases caused by inflammation. It is compared in this paper to Dexamethasone which, they say, was helpful in patients on ventilators but harmful to those not yet that sick.  MP1032 is described as curtailing the overshoot of the immune response, so it is intended for use in early intervention.

The authors say that as excessive ROS are scavenged, the pH normalizes and so the drug activity shuts down, thus sparing needed ROS levels.

QUOTE:  “Further, the data indicated that poly-ADP-ribosylation is not massively increased by LPS stimulatin, an effect that was previously described [22]. Neverleless, treating cells with 1 mM MP1032 or 50 uM4-ANI dramatically decreased the amount of poly-ADP-ribosylation proteins by over 90%”

Conflicts of Interest:  Several of the study authors are employees of MetrioPharm, the company making MP1032 (Remdesivir).  One, Wolfgang Brysch, is the “employer, co-founder, and CEO” of this company.

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