Yan 2018: Dietary patterns are associated with attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) symptoms among preschoolers in mainland China

European Journal of Clinical Nutrition,
November 2018; 72 (11):1517-1523.

The authors studied several eating patterns among Chinese children.  While the “processed,” “snack,” and “beverage” dietary patterns were all positively associated with ADHD symptoms, the “vegetarian” (more natural) dietary pattern was negatively correlated to ADHD.  In other words, the better they ate, the less likely they were to have ADHD symptoms.

CONCLUSION:  “Our study showed that preschoolers tend to choose unhealthy dietary patterns in Ma’anshan, China.  A greater adherence to the “processed” and “snack” dietary patterns was related to a higher prevalence of ADHD symptoms …”

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