Abd-Elsalam 2021: Clinical study evaluating the efficacy of ivermectin in COVID-19 treatment: A randomized controlled study

Journal of Medical Virology, Oct;93(10):5833-5838

In an effort to see if Ivermectin would be effective in patients hospitalized with Covid-19, the authors gave half of them 12 mg of the drug for 3 (three) days.   There were 82 patients in each group with “mild to moderate” illness. 

NOTE:  As they were all in the hospital, it is unlikely they were “mildly” sick by the usual definition, and their symptoms were not defined.   Nevertheless, it was noted that only 3 of each group (3.6%) needed ventilation.

In spite of the short treatment time with a small dose of the drug, there was a trend toward a favorable outcome, although it did not reach significance.  

NOTE:  Why they were given the experimental drug (in addition to “usual care”) for only 3 days was not discussed, but in their Discussion they did recommend increasing the dosage in future trials.

Conflict of Interest:  None declared, and none of the authors appeared to be connected to vaccine manufacturers.

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