Dr. Campbell on natural vs. vaccine immunity

Dr. John Campbell has been teaching nurses and others about the various systems of the body for almost 30 years.  Currently, of course, he is teaching about Covid. His approach is rational and science-based, as well as clear – not to mention his lovely British accent.  In this video, which he posted October 2, 2021, he explains the science of natural immunity (from having recovered from Covid) and vaccine immunity, comparing what the CDC says to what is happening in the real world.

You can see an enormous amount of information on these and other subjects at his YouTube channel which he introduces on his website.    Be sure to watch his “trailer” first — it is only a few minutes long, but clearly explains his background and approach.

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  1. Patricia Kane, Esq. says:

    Dr. Campbell is a trusted source. There are not many. I totally appreciate his explaining the science, but not dictating choices. He has saved my sanity.

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