Covid-19: Today’s Pandemic

CovidThis is the disease that has taken over much of our thinking in the past two years.  Caused by a virus that either (1) escaped from a lab involved in gain of function research on bats in Wuhan, China, or (2) escaped from a bat out in the wild, immediately mutating to attack humans.  That there are no wild bats within 500 miles of the first outbreaks doesn’t phase those who hold this view, strongly preferred by the Wuhan Lab and all those involved with its research..

Millions of dollars  have been invested in the development of a vaccine, while at the same time minimal effort was made to hunt for treatment, under the assumption that no treatment works for viruses.  Or at least, not for this one.  More to the point, an acceptable treatment would have prevented any vaccine from attaining emergency use status because that is the way the rules are written; thus any and all treatments had to be suppressed even to the point of threatening doctors and pharmacists who prescribe or fill prescriptions for old standby antiviral drugs that  have been in common use for many decades with a better safety record than aspirin.

Hopefully, the following Index will help you find what you are looking for on this subject:

I have been collecting the research related to Covid treatment and prevention and will be updating this section of my blog as often as I can. Why am I doing this? In short, because–

  • I’m retired so I don’t have any boss telling me what to do.
  • Nobody is funding this work, so I have no conflicts of interest.
  • I have spent the past 30 years of my work life reading research & studying bio-psychology, so I like doing it.
  • I have fears for the health and safety of our next generation, babies today.  I want to do what I can to help by providing the best information I can find.

Please feel free to send me studies I have missed or which support a different view.

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2 Responses to Covid-19: Today’s Pandemic

  1. There are certain tell-tale clues of a plan to deceive by the health authorities. A veritable smoking gun.

    The health authorities admit panic mongering in official documents.

    The health authorities said to give high risk patients antivirals early for flu, but late for covid.

    The health authorities didn’t set up any studies to test early treatment with antivirals for high risk covid patients. But they were quick to trot out fake _late_ treatment studies in order to smear repurposed antivirals.

    The health authorities say that vaccines are safe and effective but pharma needs official protection from legal liability

    The health authorities don’t do any autopsies (or at least report them) as a followup to vaccine fatal adverse events

    A smoking gun of official intent to deceive.

    • Shula says:

      Indeed, several deaths have occurred in my own family over the past year, and not one autopsy. Not even for the one who passed away while preparing to go to a party he himself had arranged. He died of “natural causes” … whatever that is.

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