Catteau 2020: Low-dose hydroxychloroquine therapy and mortality in hospitalised patients with COVID-19: A nationwide observational study of 8075 participants. 

International Journal of Antimicrobial Agents. Oct;56(4):106144.

In Belgium, HCQ has been used off-label for hospitalized patients with Covid-19.  The authors compared patients receiving HCQ for 5 days to patients receiving only supportive care.

As can be seen in Fig. 1, those patients receiving HCQ were less likely to die.   The recommended dose of HCQ was 2400 mg over 5 days, or about 480 mg per day. 

QUOTE:  “Compared with supportive care only, low-dose HCQ monotherapy was independently associated with lower mortality in hospitalised patients with COVID-19 diagnosed and treated early or later after symptom onset.”

NOTE:  The use of zinc was not mentioned at all and presumably not used.  The use of azithromycin was mentioned in several of the references, but mentioned in the study only in as much as it was not recommended for treatment in the participating hospitals, so it was apparently not included.  One must wonder how much more dramatic the above graph may have been had these two additional items been included as well.

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