Hasan 2022: In silico molecular docking and ADME/T analysis of Quercetin compound with its evaluation of broad-spectrum therapeutic potential against particular diseases

QuerecetinInformatics in Medicine Unlocked, 29 (2022) 100894.  Hasan, Khan, Chowdhury, Khan, Moni, & Rahman

This study, done in Bangladesh and Australia, compared something called “docking” ability of Quercetin with that of the usual drugs for several diseases, and found that it does a better job with no carcinogenicity, and a lower toxicity than the usual drugs.

QUOTE:  “Therefore, from the docking score, we can conclude that Quercetin can be a more potent inhibitory potential agent against selected diseases than the drugs available in the market.”

Quercetin is revealed to be a potent inhibitor against tuberculosis, malaria, inflammatory diseases,  breast cancer, obesity, and Alzheimer’s — not only doing better than the “usual drugs,” but doing it more safely. 

NOTE:  Only in the Discussion Section, is it  clear that by “inflammatory diseases” they are including Covid.   Perhaps, in today’s repressive medical climate, it was felt that more emphasis on that might prejudice the publishing of the study, but certainly we should take notice.  Here is a drug we can buy on Amazon that may be helpful in the inflammatory stage of Covid.   However, no docking study was performed for Covid in this study.  Rather, it is simply mentioned as a possibility, referencing other studies.

QUOTE:  “Recent docking studies showed that Quercetin also acts as a potential treatment for COVID-19 induced acute kidney injury by inhibition of inflammatory cell apoptosis related signaling pathways.” 

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