WHO “Solidarity” & UK “Recovery” clinical trials of Hydroxychloroquine using potentially fatal doses, according to WHO consultant

Dr. Meryl Nass describes two large studies on HCQ, using very high and potentially fatal doses. 

The intent, apparently, was to prove this drug to be dangerous in spite of a half-century history of safe use at appropriate doses.

Based on these fraudulent studies, the emergency permission to use this drug for treatment of Covid was withdrawn and people will tell you it is a “dangerous drug.”

NOTE:  I took this drug myself in 1977 in Nigeria to prevent malaria.  It was considered sufficiently safe to use it in pregnancy.  This may be one reason why Nigeria — almost totally unvaccinated — has only 12 deaths per million listed for Covid.  (Of course, we are going to “fix” this by donating millions of doses of the vaccine to them.) 

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