The Truth Is Coming Out About Covid Deaths

By Joseph Mercola, March 2, 2022

Hospitals receive payments for testing every patient for COVID, every COVID diagnosis and every ‘COVID death,’ as well as any time they use remdesivir and mechanical ventilation.

Early on in the COVID pandemic, people suspected that the deaths attributed to the infection were exaggerated.  There was plenty of evidence for this.  For starters, hospitals were instructed and incentivized to mark any patient who had a positive COVID test and subsequently died within a certain time period as a COVID death.

NOTE:  Yes, this happened to my own mom.  At the age of nearly 102, she was in the process of dying of kidney failure and old age, but they tested her and the test was positive.  So without any fever, cough, or any other symptoms, she was labeled as having died of COVID when she passed in her sleep shortly after.

At the same time, we knew that the PCR test was unreliable, producing inordinate amounts of false positives.  Now, the truth is finally starting to come out and, as suspected, the actual death toll is vastly lower than we were led to believe.

In the video below, Dr. John Campbell reviews recent data released by the U.K. government in response to a Freedom of Information Act request.  He will show that the number of deaths during 2020 in England and Wales, where COVID-19 was the sole cause of death, was 9,400.  Of those, 7,851 were aged 65 and older.  The median age of death was 81.5 years.

See the entire article published in the Epoch Times

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